Armstrong 57W37 – Insertion Limit Switch Green (R46105-004) L170-30F

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Armstrong 57W37 – Insertion Limit Switch Green (R46105-004) L170-30F Description

Used In The Following Armstrong, Concord, Allied Air Model Numbers: G2D80AR150D20D-2, G2D80AR150D20DL-2, G2D80BR150D20D-1, G2D80BR150D20DL-1, CG90UB050D12B-1, CG90UB100D16C-1, CG90UB100D20C-1, WFCT050B12, WFCT100C16, G1D91BT050D12B, G1D91BT100D16C, CG90TB050D12B-1, CG90TB100D16C-1, G2D93AU080D16C-1, G2D93AU080D20C-1, G2D93AU100D20D-1, WGFDU045B12-1A, WGFDU090C16-1A, WGFDT045B12, WGFDT090C16, G1D80AR150D20D-2, G1D80AR150D20DL-2, WFCU050B12-1, WFCU100C16-1, WFCU100C20-1, WFCC090C20-1, WGFDU045B12-1, WGFDU090C16-1, G1D80BR150D20D-1, G1D80BR150D20DL-1, G1D80BR150D20D-2, G1D80BR150D20DL-2, G1D80BR150D20D-3, G1D80BR150D20DL-3, G2D80CR150D20D-1, G2D80CR150D20DL-1, G2D80CR150D20D-2, G2D80CR150D20DL-2, G2D80CR150D20D-3, G2D80CR150D20DL-3, G1D91BU050D12B-1, G1D91BU100D16C-1, G1D91BU050D12B-2, G1D91BU100D16C-2, G1D93BU045D12B-1, G1D93BU090D16C-1, G1D93BU045D12B-2, G1D93BU090D16C-2, G2D93BU100D20D-1, CG90UB050D12B-1, CG90UB100D16C-1, CG90UB100D20C-1, CG90CB090D20C-1, WFCT050B12-1, WFCT100C16-1, G1D91BT050D12B-1, G1D91BT100D16C-1, G1D93BT045D12B-1, G1D93BT090D16C-1, G1D91BT050D12B-2, G1D91BT100D16C-2, G1D93BT045D12B-2, G1D93BT090D16C-2, CG90TB050D12B-1, CG90TB100D16C-1, WGFALR150D20-1, RPGE13A24050P-1, RPGE13A30050P-1, RPGE13A24050LP-1, RPGE13A30050LP-1, RGE13A24050P-1, RGE13A30050P-1, RGE13A24050LP-1, RGE13A30050LP-1, CG92TB045D12B, CG92TB090D16C, CG95TB040D12B, CG95TB080D16C

Armstrong 57W37 – Insertion Limit Switch Green (R46105-004) L170-30F how to buy

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