[Obsolete and Discontinued] Foobot, Indoor Air Quality Monitor, Compatible with Alexa, Nest, and IFTTT

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[Obsolete and Discontinued] Foobot, Indoor Air Quality Monitor, Compatible with Alexa, Nest, and IFTTT Description

Product Description Foobot is a connected device that helps you monitor and control your indoor air quality. From the Manufacturer Indoor air quality inspires health and comfort Regarding our health, pollution sources **indoors** are even more diverse and numerous than outdoors. As a result, we get long-term diseases (COPD, cancer, asthma) but also short-term disturbing effects (colds, flus, allergies, decreased focus, poor sleeping quality…). Just like food, the air your breathe play a huge role in your well-being. A good air means less bother and more vitality in your daily life. Breathing a better air: Get informed then take control! The 1st step is crucial: Getting informed about your environment. Foobot includes the only app that lets you see the evolution of pollutants over time. And you can get notifications when air quality decreases. The 2nd step is to get rid of pollutants! Foobot provides actionable tips to help, but more importantly, it connects to other devices such as Nest or your ventilation system or your air purifier (See more below). This way, the air gets cleaned or purified auto-magically whenever pollution level rise in your home! Know all of your home pollutants Foobot helps you notice when a specific pollutant rises. With real time data, you can adapt your behavior accordingly, by renewing/purifying the air when necessary. And by seeing past pollution events, you can understand the sources of pollution in your home, like toxic detergents, and remove them. Trigger other devices automatically A unique innovation, Foobot works with Nest Thermostats to control air renewal rate. By boosting airflow whenever your home is full of pollutants, Foobot ensures you breathe a fresh air at all times. It works with many other devices via IFTTT. Track outdoor pollution, too Our App is evolving at a fast pace. Recently we released a few features, like a geolocated score for outdoor pollution.Down to the street level, discover if the air is clean outdoors, and see how indoor and outdoor air interact (or not). Air quality matters. Foobot makes it slightly exciting Your family’s activities affect the air quality at home. Tissues, sprays, furnitures, organic cleaners… Sources of pollution can be anywhere. Even when you’re not home, identify when and what pollutes your air. Can even be fun when you’re rushing home and your husband burnt the dinner. About the Startup Describe your product in 3 words. Good Air Guru How did you come up with the idea for this product? As a father of 4, Jacques Touillon, the co-founder and CEO, was curious about how to best help his older child in his fight agaisnt asthma. He wondered: ‘How can we fight this invisible enemy?’. From there came the inspiration to create Foobot. Foobot make the invisible indoor pollution a tangible thing. Thanks to its soft colored light, everyone at home is aware of the air quality. What makes your product special? Besides its high tech and accurate sensors, Foobot differentiate from competitors as it allows you to analyze not only real time data, but also past pollution events. In addition to the unique analysis offered by Foobot over time, the device can connect to other devices like Nest thermostats, or air purifiers via IFTTT. For the first time, the air may get cleaned automatically if the indoor pollution rises. Foobot is simply the only device that makes that possible so far. What has been the best part of your startup experience? The most challenging part is building a user-centric device. It’s a constant looping process in which the feedback from our users is fundamental. We are always looking to improve and provide the best indoor air quality monitor at an affordable price. The best part is succeeding!

[Obsolete and Discontinued] Foobot, Indoor Air Quality Monitor, Compatible with Alexa, Nest, and IFTTT how to buy

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