Oreck ProShield Plus Air Purifier

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Oreck ProShield Plus Air Purifier Description

It’s time to clear the air. And now there’s an easy, portable, proactive way to do it.The EPA says indoor air may be 5 times more polluted than the air outside, and most of us spend approximately 90% of our time indoors. If you have weather-tight doors and windows, pets, or smoke, you could be adding to the problem. That’s why you need the new, whisper-quiet ProShield Plus Air Purifier – the easy, portable, proactive way to help clean the air in your home. It circulates the air, filters out allergens, dirt, and other airborne irritants, captures and kills viruses and germs, and breaks down odors and volatile organic compounds such as chemical fumes and aerosol vapors – with the new Helios ShieldTM permanent odor absorber.Great for Asthma and Allergy Sufferers.Every time you close your front door, you’re sealing yourself in with airborne bacteria, dust, germs, and allergens. Some you can smell. Most you can’t. The new Oreck ProShieldTM Plus helps reduce those nasty particulates in homes, and actually improves air quality. At the same time, it also helps eliminate odors. That’s becuase the Oreck ProShield Plus constantly moves the air, drawing in and trapping those particulates. Its unique new Helios ShieldTM UV odor control technology and exclusive Truman CellTM captures pet dander, dust, and other harmful allergens that can drive asthma and allergy sufferers crazy.Whisper-quiet, easy to use, and environmentally friendly.The ProShield Plus features easy-to-use controls and offers three different speed settings – high for maximum cleaning, medium for normal use, and silence for quietest operation. A handy remote control allows you to turn the power on or off, and adjust the odor control feature, motor speed, and night light – all from across the room. The Truman CellTM permanent filter never needs to be replaced – which saves you money and reduces waste.

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