Prozone PZ6 Indoor Air Purifier, Black

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Prozone PZ6 Indoor Air Purifier, Black Description

The Prozone PZ6 Air Purification Unit is a compact, effective source for purifying and cleaning the air. Leaving the air fresh and clean like you see after a thunderstorm. Easy to use, just plug in and turn on. No filters to clean. It will destroy odors and contaminants from the air in as little as 15 minutes. Pet odors, cooking odors, cigarette smoke, all will be destroyed. Using a patented technology, this small unit will do the job in an area up to 800 sq. feet. Unlike the other air purifers the Prozone doesn’t capture pollutants on a grid or filter, rather the Prozone patented activiated oxygen generator disperses activated oxygen into the air which seeks out and eliminates polluntants. The Prozone removes nearly all organic and inorganic polluntants. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that there are 5 times more polluntants in a home than outside the home. Using on the amount of electricity of a 50 watt light bulb, the Prozone is energy efficient. Customers who have used the unit report that they sleep better. This is due to the fact that there is more active oxygen in the air and less polluntants. And allergy sufferers will be amazed at the difference once they starting using the Prozone.Does not meet California requirements; cannot be shipped to California

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