Zarpax LV2-RM450-2PK, 2-Pack Reusable RV/Marine Dehumidifier

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Zarpax LV2-RM450-2PK, 2-Pack Reusable RV/Marine Dehumidifier Description

Size:2-Pack This Zarpax RV/marine dehumidifier offers a quick and easy way to remove dampness from vehicle, RV or boat. The dehumidifier can be used in your RV, boat, car, truck and much more. This is the best solution for moisture related problems as it attracts the excess humidity like magnet, absorbing water safely and retaining it without leaking out during use; this dehumidifier does not need refills! when the dehumidifier is full with moisture, it needs recharging, and indicates so by the indicator turning from blue to pink. Then put the dehumidifier in the microwave to recharge it. After recharging, the indicator turns back to blue, and your dehumidifier will then be ready for use again.

Zarpax LV2-RM450-2PK, 2-Pack Reusable RV/Marine Dehumidifier how to buy

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